Disember 25, 2011

Castle on The Island

Loreto - a small private island and a castle on Lake Iseo in northern Italy . At the end of the 5th century there was build monastery, which existed for several centuries, and in the end, abandoned in the 16th century. During a visit to the island of Cardinal Carlo Borromeo in 1580, there lived a hermit named Peter. In the late 19th century historian Gabriel Rose mentioned the presence on the island of Loreto ruins of an ancient fortress with two towers and a chape 

After changing owners several island went into the early 20th century Royal Navy captain Vincenzo Richeri, which in 1910 built the neo-Gothic castle and a marina with two small beacons. The castle was planted conifer garden.            

Recently, the island was famous for his going to get George Clooney, already has a residence  nearby, but for some reason changed his mind.        

The area of Lake Iseo , situated in Lombard Predalpah is 65 square km, maximum depth - 251 m, maximum width - 5 km, the maximum length - 25 km. Lake fills a basin of an ancient glacier  terminal, has steep rocky shores.

On the southern shore of the lake is located the eponymous town of Iseo . In the middle of the lake is the largest natural lake in Europe , the island (the mountain-island), Monte Isola,   popular with hang gliders.

The main local economy is tourism. The tourist season lasts until September smaya. Numerous activities: sailing regattas, concerts and performances. Cultivated variety of sports. Including sailing, diving and fishing. The lake trout and pike.        


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